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Cummins автозапчасти ISF2.8 ISF3.8
Cummins автозапчасти 4BT 6BT 6CT ISBE ISDE ISLE L NTA KTTA NT855 M11 QSB QSL QSZ
CUMMINS Двигатель
стартер,альтернатор starter
фильтр Fleetguard
FOTON автозапчасти
Dongfeng Chaochai DCD CY Engine parts Двигатель
DONGFENG грузовик часть
Terex терекс
DFSK микроавтобус, грузовик части
BYD части автомобиля
Автобусные части
коммерческий автомобиль
Perkins Lovol
4955357Капитальный ремонт пакет 2633 руб.
4955230Капитальный ремонт пакет 1990 руб.
форсунки 5258744 5028 руб.
водяной насос 5269897 1288 руб.
Корпус термостата 5264757 398 руб.
Моб./whatsapp: +86-13657190447
Skype: w_dery
Wechat: t288996
Road freight revenues set to grow by 4.3%, according to research

 Global road freight revenues are expected to grow by an average of 4.3% annually from 2020 to 2025, according to new research by Shell and business consulting firm, Frost and Sullivan.

The whitepaper, ‘Navigating roadblocks in the long-haul road freight industry’, sheds light on the status of the commercial road freight industry, as the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The whitepaper examines developments within the industry, from how digitalisation is advancing fleet management solutions, to the role sustainable practices and decarbonisation strategies will play in futureproofing operations.

Shell said the research offers valuable insights to fleet professionals, helping them to better position themselves for the future.

Patrick Carré, vice president of commercial road transport at Shell, said: “Achieving an interconnected and more sustainable future requires collaboration with customers, partners and stakeholders.

“At Shell Fleet Solutions, we are committed to helping customers navigate shifts in the industry, by providing digital fleet management tools like Shell Telematics, streamlining tolling payments in Europe and increasing access to low emissions fuels, like LNG, BioLNG, hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.

“These offers are designed to help fleets optimise their total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve security and convenience across operations with on the road services, while advancing sustainability goals.”

Shell and Mercedes-Benz Trucks have trialled the first digital in-truck payment system in the manufacturer’s Actros model for fuelling at selected Shell stations in Germany.

In the whitepaper, Frost and Sullivan identifies challenges faced by the road freight industry, including skilled-driver shortage, cost management, sustainability (decarbonisation), security and regulatory environment.

The road freight industry is seeing greater adoption of digitalisation, alternative fuels and supporting technologies, according to Frost and Sullivan.

The research indicates the shift towards digitalisation and acceleration of industry decarbonisation will play a pivotal role in reaching sustainability goals, while increasing efficiency and helping fleets to remain profitable.

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О компании
  Hubei July промышленности и торговли Лтд является одним из Китайской международной торговой палаты, расположен в главном торговом базе серийных автомобилей – город Шиянь, "Dongfeng" и "Cummins" двух брендов и знаменитый Исходя из географического положения, наша компания в основном занимается работой в следующих сферах: 1. Продажа и послепродажный сервис на рынке запасных частей к легкой и тяжелой автомобильной и грузовой технике, автомобилей после тюнинга. Например ...
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